8 Tips to Follow Before Getting A New Puppy!

8 Tips to Follow Before Getting Your First Puppy!

Puppies have been the greatest source of love, companion & fun for people who love to own pets. That's why many people wonder about getting an addition to their family as a little furry pet!

But, majority of the people who’re getting their new puppy are worried about their upcoming responsibilities. That is why there's a great need for guidance and support to help you tackle the challenges that come your way while training your pup. Ranging from potty training to dealing with the health issues of your puppy, there's a lot to learn about.

Thus, make sure to read the following guide till the end to get a better idea of things to discuss before getting a dog.

Getting a Puppy Checklist

Puppies are an absolute favorite of everyone. Here's the following guide that you need to study for answering common questions like "What to do with a new puppy" and "Should I get a puppy."

8 Tips to Follow Before Getting Your First Puppy!

1. Every Puppy Is Different!

Getting a puppy seems like a headache when you don't know about the correct type of breed that suits the environment you live in. almost every puppy is different. They need extra care and the environment to survive. That's why having a profound idea about the type or breed of the dog you should get is the first factor to think about when getting your puppy.

And do you know?

Handling your dog when it's your new puppy is pretty tricky as well. Thus, make sure to prefer the puppy that is easy to handle and take care of. The size of the puppy also differs according to the different breeds. Giant dogs need more feed and care. So, it'll be stressful for you to own a big puppy as your first pet.

Should I get a puppy?

2. Commitment and Responsibility – As a Pet Parent

Keeping a puppy is pretty similar to becoming a parent. When you're getting a puppy, many thoughts may interrupt your concentration. All this is because becoming a parent to a cute little pup is not an easy task. You have to think and behave like a parent.

Dogs are also considered an essential part of the family because of their loyalty and friendly nature. That's why try to think like his parent. Pay your proper attention to the pup, particularly when you have a pet for the first time in your life experience. We assure you that they will pay you back tenfold for your love and affection towards them.

Child-Friendly Dog Breed

3. Child-Friendly

Most people get bewildered about the question of what to do with a new puppy when they already have toddlers or kids—the concerns about keeping a friendly puppy, especially when they have a baby. As a pet parent, you must be worried or concerned about your pup's behavior towards your family.

Yes, you caught it right!

Like a new puppy, they may not feel comfortable in your family at first. Thus, the awkwardness for the first interaction of your puppy with your toddlers may harm them. That's why experts suggest getting a child-friendly puppy so that you don't have to bother about the safety of your kid. If you’re looking for a child-friendly dog then Golden Retriever, Pug, Bulldog and Irish Setter can be the best options.

Get a Puppy Checklist

4. Pet Expenses – Lifetime Maintenance

Another most important thing to consider when you're thinking of owning a pet or a dog is whether you're financially strong enough to bear the pet expenses or not. Keeping a pet dog comes in coherence with increased expenses. The primary reason behind this is you've to spend more money on the care of your pet than usual.

There are many expenses on the list when you think of keeping a puppy. Taking your dog to the veteran, planning activities for your dog, getting the highest quality food for him, and collecting dog essentials are some basic requirements. If you're comfortable with all responsibilities while keeping a pet, then having a puppy is a big yes! Thus, all you need to do before getting a puppy is to decide whether you'll bear the pet expenses or not.

Dog in Crate

5. Importance of Potty Training

Cleaning the shit of your pet when you're not used to it is a big problem for pet lovers these days. Not everyone is comfortable with cleaning their pup's potty in different areas of their home. That's why you have to think about how to toilet train a puppy. Ensure that your dog eliminates the shit in the right place so that you don't have to bear the anger of cleaning your dog's shit.

Thus, make sure to arrange potty training classes for your puppy. Arrange some rewards for him when he performs well. In this way, you'll eventually get rid of the concerns about collecting shit of your dog from different corners of your area. Experts also suggest being communicative while giving them potty training. Other than this, you can use certain helpful products to make training easier for your pup. An Anti-leak Reusable Pee Pad is also one of those products that make your pet's habit of pee properly. An Anti-leak Reusable Pee Pad provides strong absorption without leakage, you need not worry about how much time you spend crouched over your floor & cleaning up the dog messes after the fact!

Pet Drinking Fountain

6. Pet Proofing

Before you plan to get your furry friend in your house, make sure that your home is fully prepared for a pet. Keep all the harsh and dangerous things away from the access of your pet. Lock up your drawers to keep all places of your house safe for your dog. In addition to this, your house must be equipped with all necessary things that make your puppy feel comfortable regardless of his new home. Thus, make sure to prepare a drinking fountain to keep your pet hydrated or bring some chewing toys to give some fun time to your pet.

Bringing your puppy in your car is also stressful just because of the safety problems. That is why try to install car seat protection in your car for better dealing with your pet. In this way, bringing your dog anywhere will not be a problem for you anymore! Pet parents are also required to install the safety essentials everywhere in their house to eliminate the problems that can cause damage to your dog.

veterinarian with a dog

7. Health Issues

When you're all set to keep a puppy, health comes as one of the biggest factors that may bewilder you about his care. Thus, experts suggest visiting a veterinarian after a few days or months to get your pet checked. Ensure to keep him away from all kinds of germs so that you don't have to compromise on his health. Try to schedule the first vaccination of your puppy and get healthcare to follow up.

In addition to this, you also need to take care of your pet's mental health when you're taking care of him physically. Thus, you can bring interactive toys for brain development while going through getting a puppy checklist. It would help you to train your dog in different manners. Feeding the right kind of food to your puppy is also essential since it dramatically impacts its health. Being a pet parent, you have to maintain a steady food-frequency for your pup.

Dog Walking

8. Regular Exercise Sessions

Giving regular exercise sessions to your dog is one of the things to discuss before getting a dog. Besides your dog's regular mentorship and solving problems, giving him a daily dose of exercise is essential for proper health and happiness. Thus, dog trainer advises the new ones to take their puppies on daily walks. It helps them stay happy and healthy.

There are many products available in the market which can help you train your dog for regular exercise sessions. You can get chewing toys for mouth exercise of your dog. Such kinds of products will prevent your dog from getting any kind of mouth or jaw problems. Other than this, outdoor games also seem perfect for arranging regular exercise sessions for puppies. Make sure that your dog interacts with other dogs in outdoor places. It'll help him socialize in a better yet speedy way.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Should I Stock Puppy Supplies before Getting My New Puppy?

Yes, it's pretty necessary to stock up the food for your upcoming furry friend when you get to know about the breed. That is why the expert suggestion is to start from basic supplies and gather all necessary food packs that your dog loves to have in meals. It's also essential to bring puppy supplies before bringing your dog to protect him from starvation.

2. Should I Begin Puppy Train at Home?

Of course! When you have a pet in your house, try to train your dog at your home. After all, the house is the start of every training. That's why make your dog adopt the habits of proper eating, drinking, and pee-time.

Get Yourself a Puppy Now!

After reading all these tips and tricks, you must be aware enough to have a puppy now. You can be the best puppy parent even if you're getting your new puppy. Enjoy your time with your furbaby from now on!