Why Is My Dog Peeing In House? An Expert Guide

Dog keeps peeing in house

So, you have just finished potty training your adorable pup. You take your fur babies out on regular walks, and the fidos are also really happy to do their "business" outside. That should be it, right? But one fine evening, you come back after a tiring day at your job and find your "well behaved" dog peeing in house. Ah man, why!! And why on the carpet, dude??

Old dog peeing in house could be an accident, but this unwanted behavior can severely disrupt the loving bond you have with your furball. Uncontrollable urination can leave you annoyed, baffled, and even forlorn. But why does your dog do that?

Let's drill down the possibilities of why your dog keeps peeing in house and what you can do about it.

Why is my dog suddenly peeing in the house?

Many dog owners assume that canines urinate in the house out of spite, and this wrongdoing needs a severe scold. Nonetheless, this isn't the case always!

The truth is, inappropriate urination in puppies is usually a result of poor potty training habits. However, these stinky accidents can often indicate severe health concerns.

Here we have listed some of the reasons why your dog keeps peeing in house

  • Your furball has medical problems causing incontinence.
  • He is not neutered.
  • He is not allowed to visit outside that often.
  • Your dog is dealing with severe anxiety, making him leave puddles behind.
  • He wasn't correctly potty training.
  • The dog started peeing in house because he could not hold urine.

In addition to the above, here are some other possibilities why your dog might be relieving himself inside.

1. Over excitement 

Though losing bladder control in excitement is pretty common in puppies, some of our adult canines also suffer from loose bladder control, making them pee in unwanted locations.

2. Sign of submission

Some fidos pee to indicate their submission to humans and other animals. This may seem a bit gross to you, but it is their way of saying, "Yes, I surrender!"

 why is my dog suddenly peeing in the house

3. Anxiety

If your pooch is relieving himself indoor while home alone, the poor soul might be dealing with separation anxiety. Another logical explanation is that there is something disturbing in your dog's environment, making him fearful of going out.

4. Change in environment

Have you changed your environment recently? If the answer is a resounding yes, your furry friend may be thinking of the entire area as a giant toilet. 

As strange as it sounds, our canine pals don't necessarily associate new spots with being off-limits. If this is the case with your pooch, a bit more housetraining can help you get rid of the undesirable urination. 

5. Territorial issues

Have you introduced a new furry fella to the family? Perhaps someone new just came to visit you? Such changes can lead to house soiling. 

Diabetes dog

6. Health-related urinary concerns

If your well-behaved and adequately trained dog has suddenly started peeing inside, there's a healthy chance that your snuggle buddy is dealing with an underlying health issue. Some medical conditions may cause a pooch to lose bladder control unintentionally, while other conditions may increase the urgency of urination.

Below is a list of medical conditions causing excess urination in dogs.

  • Bladder stones
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Diabetes
  • Adrenal gland issues
  • Urinary tract
  • Infected bladder, kidney, or liver disease
  • Cushing disease
  • Cognitive problems caused by dementia
  • Tumors
  • Addison's disease
  • Age-related conditions
  • Hormone changes
  • Declining cognitive function

What can you do about your dog peeing in house?

Dog peeing in house

Well, whatever you plan on doing, just don't give up on your pup or give your puppy away! Cleaning the stinky puddle our fur balls make is definitely not the most exciting task, but we can work through this! Be patient with your loyal companion and try one or more of these steps to help your pooch with this problem.

1. Visit a qualified vet

If you have an old dog peeing in house situation, you should first have your pet examined by a qualified veterinarian. The vet will help you rule out and cure any serious health concerns. Once the disease is treated, your canine is likely to stop urinating inappropriately.

2. Don't hit or yell!

Alright. We all know how it feels. You saw a splash on your clean furniture or bed sheet and your temper goes right to the top! You really want to punish or at least scream "BAD BOY, DID BAD" at your dog because that's how the doggo is going to learn, right?

Well, not exactly.

Hitting or screaming at your dog may backfire, and instead of learning that peeing inside is incorrect behavior, your fido may learn that humans are unpredictable and dangerous to be around. Your aggression may make your dog afraid of urinating in front of you even when outside, leading to more in-house accidents.

3. Train or retrain your pup

If your teeny-weeny puppies start peeing in the house, that simply means they need a bit more house training. For adult dogs, repeating the potty training process may solve the issue. You can also grab a pee pad like this one to help your pup with his training.

4. Use reusable pee pads

dog started peeing house

Using puppy pee pads (also called potty pads) is another way to teach your fido where it is ok for him to relieve himself. Plus, puppy pads aren't only useful for training purposes; they are also great for adult dogs who need to stay inside for prolonged durations or for canines who need to go frequently. 

You can grab any pee pad from your nearest pet store or from an online store. Just don't forget to check the quality and absorbency of the pad you are getting. Our favorite is this Anti-leak Reusable Pee PadDesigned for dogs and cats, this innovative pad comes in 5 beautiful colors and three different sizes. The thing we love about this product is its rapid absorbency without leakage, durable material, and washability. Place this pee pad over your furniture or carpet and say goodbye to stinky messes forever!

Successful Potty Training for Dogs

Final words

It can be a bit challenging to have patience when your lovely pup has ruined your new rug, or you are tired of wiping puddles of wee-wee. But it is essential to see your dog peeing in house as a cry for help rather than a sign of disobedience. So whether the problem is medical or behavioral, getting to the root of the issue will help you put a stop to these accidents once and for all.